Mario Piano Sheet Music & Video Demo Tutorials

Piano player eager to learn how to play those long-cherished Mario themes and sound effects, your quest ends here! A few months ago, I too was looking for quality sheet music of the original Super Mario Bros from 1985, and after frantically searching the web for days and closely examining the Mario sheet music available on dozens of popular results, I came to the realization that there simply was no definitive score of Koji Kondo's masterpieces.

Nintendo has never published their own official version, and high demand for Mario sheet music has led a number of fans to release their own transcription attempts, none of which succeeded in doing justice to the original Koji Kondo creation; while some of these efforts were fair approximations and captured the gist of the tunes, they were often simplified or interpreted versions, with missing or extra notes, inaccurate rhythms and inadequate notation; furthermore, they hardly looked good when printed on paper sheets, and they never offered fingering suggestions, thus leaving these non-trivial piano pieces out of reach from all but the more advanced piano players.

Just like you perhaps, all I wanted was some authentic, high-fidelity Mario sheet music that was entirely faithful to the original Mario themes and sound effects, and which could be trusted to be 100% accurate so that I could feel confident I was learning how to play the real thing. It was apparently too much to ask, however, so I pulled out my professional-grade engraving software and embarked on a meticulous and uncompromising transcription project that involved (i) transcribing every pitch and rhythm while listening to the original 8-bit NES recordings hundreds of times, voice by voice, note by note, in a loop, (ii) rigorously cross-checking my work with several of the best transcription attempts out there, (iii) arranging the visual layout and pagination for clear readability, (iv) optimizing the piano fingering by learning the pieces myself and playing them every day for several months, (v) hand-coding my very first website from the ground up, and (vi) publishing my work while continuing to iterate on it with the feedback from countless visitors from around the world.

All this hard work has paid off, and today, as a tribute to the man who changed the face of video game music forever, I can proudly present to you a superior, premium, deluxe sheet music transcription of Koji Kondo's original Super Mario Bros compositions from 1985, along with the corresponding MIDI sound files and video demos. I hope these meet your highest standards of excellence and aesthetics, and that the optimized fingering serves as a usable and useful tutorial, helping you improve the efficiency of your learning as well as the fluidity and accuracy of your piano performance.

Didactically yours,

Joseph Karam